There are many ways you can help Got Bannock:

– Volunteering with preparing food as well as handing it out
– Helping with Donations of money, food, clothing or toiletries

Got Bannock prepares and hands out 200 healthy meals

on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month at 3 pm on the

corner of Main Street and Dufferin Ave.

Every meal is made fresh before it is served.

In winter, meals include a hot option, like soup or chili, along with fresh-baked bannock, fresh fruit, hot coffee or tea, a granola bar and bottled water.

In summer, we prepare sandwiches or a summer lunch instead of soup or chili.

We also sometimes distribute clothing.

How can you help?

Donate money: You can write a cheque to Got Bannock Inc. or donate through paypal. This allows us to buy fresh food when it is needed – we have had some very helpful and generous sponsors – as well as take care of costs like gas.

Donate food: 

Food Staples that can be stockpiled:

Ingredients for chili, soup and bannock-

• flour, baking powder, lard, canned vegetables, tomatoes, kidney beans, rice, granola bars, cookies, bottled water

Fresh ingredients needed every day of action

  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • fresh baking: muffins, banana bread
  • fresh meat such as lean ground beef, chicken

Packaging and wrapping

We pre-pack lunch and always need: sandwich bags/plastic wrap, bowls with lids, spoons/forks, napkings, tin foil, grocery bags