Bannock Lady Won’t be Deterred

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It’s going to take a lot more than some lousy vandals to stop Althea Guiboche, a.k.a. the Got Bannock Lady.

The province tried to shut down Guiboche this spring for serving homemade soup and bannock to the homeless without the required permits.

She said she would regularly have 150 to 200 people lined up outside her van every week clamouring for her homemade bread.

“I feed (a wide range of people from) babies to old people of all different races,” she said. “I feed everybody.”

But on Sunday morning, Guiboche woke up to the sight of her vehicle vandalized. The van, parked outside her North End home, had its windows smashed and there was profanity spray-painted all over it.

“It’s terrible but I don’t want to blame anyone, I believe in youth and the good of other people,” the optimistic Guiboche said. “I love the North End. It has tons of people who are very active within the community.”

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