In the wide world of sports, there are those mainstream events we’re all familiar with, like football, basketball, and tennis. If you like to bet on classic sports, then be sure to check out TonyBet. There you will find bets on the most popular sports in the world.

Then, tucked away in the corners of the world, there are sports so unusual that they might leave you scratching your head, wondering, “People bet on this?” Let’s explore some of the quirkiest sports that have not only captivated audiences but also enticed bettors worldwide.

Cheese Rolling – Chase the Cheese Down the Hill!

Originating in Gloucestershire, England, the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling event is as chaotic as it sounds. Participants chase an 8lb wheel of cheese down a steep hill, and the first person to cross the finish line wins the cheese. This exhilarating (and injury-prone) event attracts brave souls and even braver bettors who wager on the winner.

Wife Carrying – Relationship Goals to the Next Level

Bizarre Bets

A sport that truly tests the bond between a couple, wife carrying is an event where men race while carrying their wives (or girlfriends) on their backs. Originating in Finland, competitors traverse through an obstacle course, and the fastest time wins. The prize? The wife’s weight in beer! You can bet on which pair has the best synergy and strength to win it all.

Ferret Legging – Keep Those Pants On!

In this unusual British sport, competitors place two live ferrets inside their trousers, which are tied at the ankles and belted at the waist. The aim? To see who can endure the longest with the ferrets inside. While it’s an endurance test for the participants, for bettors, it’s about predicting who has the highest pain threshold.

Worm Charming – Wooing the Worms Out

Here’s an activity where the goal is to charm as many worms out of the ground as possible, without digging or using water. Taking place in Cheshire, England, competitors use techniques like tapping and vibrating the soil. Betting revolves around who can charm the most worms in a set amount of time.

Toe Wrestling – Feet First!

Like arm wrestling but with toes, this sport demands that competitors lock their feet and try to pin the other foot down. Predominantly a British pastime, toe wrestling has its championship and fervent followers. Betting on the strongest (or perhaps the most dexterous) toe has become a niche market.

Underwater Hockey – Hockey Takes the Plunge

Bizarre Bets

Also known as “Octopush”, this sport is played at the bottom of a swimming pool. Teams compete to push a puck across the pool floor into the opponent’s goal using small sticks. Breath-holding, strategy, and agility are key, and bettors often have to gauge the stamina and synergy of teams.

Shin Kicking – May the Strongest Shin Win

Another gem from England’s eccentric sports repertoire, shin kicking is exactly as it sounds. Participants hold onto each other’s shoulders and try to kick their opponent’s shins, aiming to bring them down. With hay padded into their trousers as the only protection, competitors must be tough. Bettors? They’re looking at determination and strategy to place their wagers.

Lawn Mower Racing – Cutting Grass at High Speeds

Forget Formula 1; here, competitors race on, you guessed it, lawnmowers. Whether modified or in their original state, these mowers race around fields, offering a spectacle that’s both bizarre and exciting. Betting on the fastest gardener, anyone?


From chasing cheese down a hill to racing on lawnmowers, the world of sports is vast, varied, and often downright bizarre. But it’s this eccentricity that brings color to our world and offers bettors fresh, unconventional avenues to explore. So, the next time someone mentions sports betting, remember: it’s not just about horses and football. In some corner of the world, someone’s placing a bet on a ferret or a toe, and that’s the beauty of sports – there’s truly something for everyone!

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