While watching a Tony Bet casino movie, it’s common to see people wearing elegant clothes. But, in real life, the dress code in these establishments has become more permissive.

It can be hard to decide what to wear to a casino when traveling. In this guide, we’ll talk about the casino dress code and how to pack for your trip.

General Dressing Code Guidelines in Casinos

Before you visit a casino, make sure to check its website to see what the rules are regarding attire. The dress code for each establishment will vary depending on what you’re planning on doing inside.

In case you’re planning on visiting a casino all around the world, you should follow certain dress guidelines to look your best and ensure that you’ll have a successful trip. Some establishments may require more formal attire, so below are the standard guidelines for most land-based casinos.

Do not wear flip-flops or sneakers

visiting the casino

Shirts, pants, and other items must not be dirty, damaged, or ripped. While the casino is usually more casual during the day, women should wear formal clothes, while men should stick to button-down shirts. Shorts and t-shirts should be avoided after dark, as the casino’s status will determine how formal you should be.

Different Casino Wear and Its Meanings

The attire for the private table, tournaments, and lounges is listed on the casino’s website. It also has various dress codes, such as “casual” and “black tie optional.”

Casual Casino Wear

There are casinos that allow customers to wear their clothes as they wish. Since college students often stay in hotels with a casino, it’s not necessary for them to follow a dress code. But, if you’re not comfortable dressing up and would rather not risk being embarrassed, playing at a less formal establishment is ideal.  However, avoid wearing ripped shirts and sweatpants.

Black Tie 

A black tie is typically worn during nighttime activities at casinos, especially during special events. For men, this attire includes a dinner jacket, a bow tie, trousers, and a waistcoat, among other accessories. For women, this type of formal attire includes a floor-length gown or a well-fitted pantsuit, evening shoes with heels, and clean accessories.

White Tie

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Full evening or white tie is the most formal type of attire that’s commonly worn during special events in casinos. This can include a white shirt, white shoes, a black dress coat, and wing collars. Women can opt for ball gowns and fur wraps. In addition, white tie-wearing women can also wear various accessories such as jewelry and gloves.

Business Formal

If you’re planning on attending a casino but don’t know what the dress code will be like, business formal may be the better choice. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day long, and you won’t feel uncomfortable if you don’t follow the rules.

Semi-Formal Wear

Most casinos have a semiformal wear policy, wherein men must wear black suits, dark shoes, and a tie. On the other hand, women must wear cocktail dresses, suits, or pants. During the daytime, men can wear leather shoes, dark pants, and collared shirts.

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