Got Bannock?

Got Bannock?

A grassroots cause to feed the hungry, the homeless, the less fortunate on the cold streets of Winnipeg.
I am a single parent who comes from the same poverty as those who I speak for.  I use every spare moment to help solicit donations and food to support Got Bannock.
I go out with homemade lunches of bannock and soup, chili or pasta accompanied with water, juice, milk, coffee or tea, granola bars, and at least three pieces of fruit. 
– Althea Guiboche

By Paypal:


To donate by cheque, you can make it out to:

Got Bannock, Inc.

Me-Dian Credit Union
303 Selkirk Ave, Winnipeg, MB
R2W 2L8

I feed those people
who are wandering around
the cold, the hungry
the homeless sitting on the ground
the down on their luck
the ones asking for a buck
the ones who need someone
to show them some love
to show that they care
these are someone’s loved ones too
everyone has a story
everyone has a past
whether good or bad
I don’t look at that
it serves as a reminder
we are all connected
we all belong
agimaawag akina
everyone counts.


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